August 2017: Goals and Finding My Way

It’s that time again: Where I set goals for the month and accomplish them. Sometimes it works out and other times, well let’s not talk about that. The most important thing is that you set goals and you try. So I’m setting small and simple goals which will hopefully turn into daily practices.

FYI: I’m moving and starting a new adventure this year, excited but nervous and I wonder if I’ll be able to accomplish these goals BUT I also want to stop thinking about the “What If’s”. 

  1. Take Care Of My Skin: Easier said than done, the weather is changing (actually, it’s hot and the sun is messing up my skin) and this throwing water on my face and going on about my day isn’t working. I’m going to practice skin care, which also means watching what I put in my body. I’m going to research and find a routine that helps my face(especially) and the rest of my body stay vibrant and energetic.
  2. Attend A Sex Positive and Health Talk Or Conference: Its been a year since I started blogging about sexual taboos and healthy and I can’t use the excuse of being a novice anymore. If I want to get involved in the Public Health and Safety and eradicating stigmas I need to connect with more individuals and study the issues more; getting involved is the first step. Though most of the conferences are far, some are having online/live tweet interaction i.e SF Woodhull Annual Sexual Freedom Conference,, but I want to be physically involved so I’m going to try and find one or two and attend.
  3. Building A Website: As we all know, I’m not as great as I should be when it comes to website build; this accidental blog is evidence of that. But I’m going to try and make a website that showcases my work, because 1. I need to start showcasing my work on a different platform 2. Every time someone asks me to show them samples I feel lost, 3. I think it will help me break out of my shell (because I feel stuck and afraid because I have that I’m not good enough moments) *everyone is good enough, don’t you forget it!*
  4. Eat Three Times a Day: Maybe not three times but get on a regular schedule, I have this weird relationship with food and sometimes I forget to eat when I super busy. That’s not healthy, so this month I want to start eating and build energy and take care of my body.
  5. Take 10 minutes out of the day to breathe and meditate: Meditation is healthy and allows you to just reset and brings you back to calmness and since July was anxiety filled, I think this month I should find meditation techniques and take the time to stay calm.
  6. Writing and Submitting For Publication: I keep saying I will and I have creative ideas but I don’t submit, so this month I want to find some independent publications and submit some work.
  7. Share A Blog Post A Week: Even if it’s one post a week I want to start regularly posting again.
  8. Go outside and explore: Since I’m moving I need to 1. Explore the place I’m in now and take everything in and 2. Explore my new surrounding and talk to more people.
  9. Start planning my next venture: I’ve been blogging about Sexual Health and I recently started my series ” Adventures of a Tema Girl” but I want to do more, so maybe I start creating proposals or come up with a workshop of some sort. I just want to start something new. *ADVICE WELCOME*
  10. Rebranding: Idk why but I need to rebrand myself, I don’t know what that means but I want to not “find myself” but get out there and change my outlook, meet new people, and start becoming someone that my 7 yr old self would be proud of. So rebrand Jo by becoming a better me and getting my name and ideas out there.

This was supposed to be a Top 5 list but it became 10, my wish is to accomplish all of this and not overexert myself. I hope I inspired you to create goals and also I made you laugh reading my commentary in between.  Now it’s your turn, what are your goals for August 2017?



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