July Wrap Up aka Where Did The Summer Go

July, hmm, how do I describe you?

Its probably a mix of failure to launch and anxiety with sprinkles of overworking and unemotional detachment of everything I’ve written this past month. Let’s recap

In July I was supposed to accomplish

Zine Creation: Adventures of A Tema Girl: The Last Days in Ghana. 

DIY pt 1.5: Last year, I tried a DIY project and we all know how that turned out

Painting the Town Red

and probably some more stuff but in fact, I accomplished 1/5 of the things I wanted to and spent the rest trying to figure out why I couldn’t push myself But the upside

  1. I’m breathing: Which means I can keep trying
  2. I started my zine which turned into a series on Medium AND I’m launching it later today 🙂

Image result for celebration gif

Yep, I decided that every first of the month I’ll add three new stories and probably an I LOVE THE 90’s piece on the second, it just showcasing pop culture and current events during those tumultuous 90’s times while I lived in Ghana.

Okay, back to July and what we are not bringing into August

I had random panic attacks in the morning thinking about my future and the IRS (don’t ask why because I don’t know), I also felt as if I was late to everything (even when I wasn’t)

Late To Church

Late in Opportunities i.e jobs, school

Late to dinner

Late in starting a family and life in general (I don’t even care about those things)

Image result for eye roll gif

I got on my own nerves and then I decided to take a break and just go outside and take in all that beautiful Texas pollution 🙂 But seriously, July was filled with so much anxiety and made me reevaluate what I want to do with my life and what I really want to accomplish at this moment in time. I also had to remind myself to NOT over stress and worry so much, as well, as the person I want to become. Do I want to just sit and wish, hope, and observe or do I want to take action?–Action it is

Which is why August is full of action plans, which I will share tomorrow. But for now, I would like to say, HAPPY FIRST OF AUGUST AND I HOPE YOUR TUESDAY IS JOYFUL AND PRODUCTIVE AND I WISH YOU POSITIVE AUGUST VIBES!!



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