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If you’ve followed my blog since the beginning (meaning, when I accidentally made the blog instead of my initial website/portfolio) then you know I love Asian Dramas, I quote and like posting random OSTs.  Anyways,  saw this challenge via @NewKdramaAddict  

Technically, it’s  Hayleigh’s challenge on Asian Dramas and I decided to join in! So here’s my response FYI I also made up some questions.

  1. First Asian Drama -I don’t remember because I started watching Asian Dramas before I came to the States and I know it was probably Pakistani and Indian Drama, but this is the Drama made me think K-dramas were for me
Image result for lovely kim sam soon
My Lovely Kim Sam soon, 2005

Back in those days, we couldn’t find subs to save our lives. This drama was funny and romantic and so early 00’s the acting was raw and made me a fan of Kim Sun Ah. *Coined the Bridget Jones Diary of SK* Never watched that movie but Samsoon is probably better.

2. Favorite Teen Drama

Image result for hormones the series
Hormones, 2013

This drama had REAL LIFE HIGH SCHOOL PROBLEMS!! It’s one of my fav Thai Lakorns about Teens being confused about their sexuality, dealing with pregnancies, abortions, family identities, drugs and more. This drama beats Beverly Hill and the OC. It’s up there with the back in the day Degrassi and probably Skins (UK). They have Three Seasons (find on YouTube, DramaNice–subbed) sometimes different characters. Just love how they shot it.


Image result for phai and sprite gif

Sprite and Phai were my favorite couple I SHIP THEM!!!

Image result for phai and sprite gif

3. Favorite Action/Crime Drama

Image result for heartless city
Heartless City, 2013

I was obsessed with this drama. TRUST NO ONE, not even the police!! The underground drug lords, shady prosecutors, forbidden romances on both sides of the law, random drug families wanting to kill each other but keep each other alive. This drama was a roller coaster and I loved every minute of it. Also, I loved the OST

4. Favorite OST

This one is hard because there so many good ones, *started to list but stopped because I kept writing lol* so I’ll just put my top 2

Humsafar (Pakistan Serial)-Wo Humsafar Tha if you want to listen to lost loves and missed opportunity and souls intertwining (idk this song has so many emotions) the singer’s voice is sorrowful, emotional, intense and powerful. It fits well with the drama, which you can now watch on Netflix!

WuXin Monster Killers (Chinese Drama)-Lake Baikal, this song transports you to another time, you start feeling like you’ve lost the love of your life and there is nothing you can do but sit at a window and ponder about life. It’s so beautiful, I cry listening to it


5. Drama I couldn’t finish

I always strive to finish everything I start especially when I invest my time and energy but I just couldn’t. I mean, I watch Lakorns and those dramas are a headache but I always finish them *sigh* which is why I am so shocked that I couldn’t finish this drama especially since it has one of my favorite actress’s and criers Yoon Eun Hye *sigh*  “Marry Him, If You Dare/Mirae’s Choice” you have been chosen.

Image result for marry me if you dare
Marry Him if You Dare, 2013

This drama could have gone somewhere–not using potential because idk if it had potential. The premise, a woman comes from the future to stop her future self from marrying her husband and to fall for the second lead. The who love triangle was stupid and the “why doesn’t she want to be with her future husband” was drawn out that I got bored and you know destiny and stuff. I watch Kdrama dailies which are infuriating but this one annoyed me and my love of Yoon Eun Hye and mysteries couldn’t save it.

5.  Favorite Asian Actress Crier

I know it sounds weird, but I love people who put their all into a performance and if you can make me cry, A+ I don’t cry but if you’re lucky, a tear will fall out of one eye. But to get two eyes to cry OMG your acting/crying must be SUPERB and Janie Tienphosuwan (Thai Actress) is that person. She is one of the few that can make me cry. She is the best crier, she can cry ON QUE/POINT.

Image result for janie tienphosuwan\

Whether she’s a spoiled princess in Suay Rerd Cherd Sode  OR the sad victim of an unnecessary revenge in Sanaeha Sunya Kaen she does an amazing job.

6. Favorite Drama Actress

I can’t choose because that’s too much for me lol So here are three




*pics: zhao ly ying, Yoori Lee, and Mikako Tabe*

Zhao Li Ying– Amazing Cdrama actress, I feel like I’ve seen her grow from like just being in a drama not even 1st or 2nd lead to leading actress in films and dramas like Zhao Li Ying, Best Get Going, Princess Agent and I staring in variety shows.

Yoori Lee– BEST REVENGE ACTRESS, I love her acting “normal” Kdramas because she’s always strong confident and witty i.e Father is Strange but I love her the best in dailies when she’s taking revenge against her worthless baby daddy and a family who ruined her life #WATCHYELLOWBOOTS!! She’s an excellent actress in general and you never know what you’re going to get, but you know it’s going to be good.

Mikako Tabe– I love her, she has a way of turn boring plots and emotionless characters into human beings, and she conveys a lot of emotion through her eyes, I really feel like she’s one of Japanese Actress to watch. That’s why she’s one of my favs, whether she’s acting like an outcast or learning how to perfect the world of letter writing in Tsubaki Stationery Store, she brings life to all her characters.


*Skipping Male because that is a list that keeps on giving and we don’t have time*

6. Real Life/Inspired Me Drama

As a millennial just trying to make it through life *sigh* I’m always looking for people, places, or things that “understand/get me” or inspire me, and give me hope. That my friends was what An Incomplete Life (Misaeng) did for me.

Image result for an incomplete life korean drama

Misaeng is basically about the younger generation trying to get jobs, stay in the corporate world, figure out this work life balance, and just trying to survive. This show is on another level, I connected with most of these characters whether sexual harassment the work place, fighting gender roles, degree or lack there of, keeping you from getting full-time employment, trying to understand your boss, and just trying to achieve that complete life. WATCH THIS! And it’s on Netflix.

Image result for quotes an incomplete life korean drama

Fav Quote from the Series: What do you think the life is? You think it’s a big queston? It’s simple. A collection of your choices is your life. The choices you make in each moment makes up the quality of your life. – Han Suk Yool AND Surviving means going towards a complete life. We’re all incomplete lives (Misaeng). – Mr. Oh

7. Drama That Made Me Cry

Image result for smile jdrama
Smile, 2009

You know how I don’t cry, right? Well, that was not the case for Jdrama Smile starring  Jun Matsumoto & Yui Aragaki. The drama dealt with hard issues, xenophobia in Japan, physical and mental trauma, self-hate, and so much.  All the actors portrayed their characters meticulously, Jun Matsumoto as Bito Hayakawa half Filipino/Japanese kid who just wants to live a normal life and COOK FOR EVERYONE (still pisses me off) was superb. A+ drama and I kid you not, 7 minutes into the first episode I was bawling because he asked if anyone would believe someone like him and I was like YES!I believe you! Why is the world so cruel?! I highly recommend this drama. Also, want to say, Japan does a great job with Think Pieces and “Realistic/Human” Dramas.

8. 2017 Strong Message Drama

2017 has been a great year for Asian Dramas, particualrly/especially when portraying strong female leads. A+  whether they’re fighting against corrupt governments, saving lives through medicine, fighting for their homeland and more. Each character and each story have a strong and moving message. For me, I think Pakistan Serial Muqabil.


About a sexual assault survivor who marries into the family of the assailant. I don’t want to give it away but I want to say, Parisa the main lead was the strongest character, she was the one going the trauma but she was also the strongest. Even when her husband faltered or when her mom just couldn’t deal stand her) didn’t know how to deal she stayed strong. I feel like Pakistani dramas are doing great speaking up and out about taboo subjects like child abuse/assault and Muqabil and all the actors did an amazing portraying the story and message.  Check out the recaps 

9. Most Recent Drama I Finished

Image result for lookout kdrama

LOOKOUT! A+ Cast, A+OST(omg, the intensity), A+Plot, Needed more from the ending because I’m selfish. From kicking butt on a motorcycle, infiltrating the prosecutor’s office to prove your father’s innocence, to helping others get revenge. This drama had it all, it also solidified my love for  Lee Si-Young Kim Young-Kwang, Kim Seul-Gi, & Key excellent team work.  Not telling you about the drama because it’s hard to describe, you’ll have to watch. Check out the amazing OST, I think this dramas ost was my favorite all of them were original and I know some people would say Chicago Typewriters Satellite was the best(it’s great too) but every Lookout OST killed it. Amen is amazing and I felt like I was fighting the bad guys.

10. Favorite OTP

One true pair, shippers paradise, etc. Some of my OTPs have become real and some have not, and then we have some who we’ve all shipped but weren’t meant to be in the drama but ended up together and now have kids. RUBY LIN and WALLACE I LOVE YOU! Since I can’t write all my faves here are my Top Three (no order)

  1. Full House/KissMe #AoMike Couple aka Aum and Mike, their chemistry is beautiful and FIERY and after that Ice Cream Kiss, everyone’s shipping them. You can watch their dramas Full House and Kiss Me on Youtube Image result for aomike weddingImage result for mike d angelo and aom gifImage result for aomike gif
  2. Arjo aka Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng from It Started With A Kiss 1&2, and Love and Bread, those two were my fav Tawainses drama ships. Mike He and Rainie Yang came close but Arjo for life.  Even though Ariel is married we still ship and when the take pics together and star in variety shows *swoon* I love that they’re still friends, they will forever be my first invested ship

Image result for aomike gifImage result for ariel lin and joe cheng  gif


Image result for ariel lin and joe cheng 2017

3. The Newest SWAG COUPLE!!! nam joo hyuk and lee sung kyung
There are other OTPs I love but these two have a special place in my heart. The whole SK shipped them while they were models, everyone prayed to the drama gods that they’ll star in a show or movie together and then Weightlifting Fairy happened! Now they’re real and now to wait for the wedding bells jkjk. Also, check out the drama because their chemistry was ON POINT!

Related image

Image result for nam joo hyuk and lee sung kyung gif


Related image

Let’s stop here or I’ll continue to add gifs and pics lol 🙂 Ok, now its your turn!!



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