May Flowers and Sleeping In

On the last day of May, I ask you and myself: Did you find Peace?

Did you find ways to release all your anxiety and let Peace into your life?


Me? I’d say, I’d give myself a passing grade of 80% because even though my anxiety level was high, my writer’s block reared its ugly head–I found some sort of peace. How? Because I decided to keep pushing through even in the “midst of chaos.”

This May

  1. I decided where to take my next step
  2. Wrote a fantastic piece on Marital Rape
  3. Got in tuned with my inner self and wrote more poetry than ever before  My fave piece “Her Royal Flyness”
  4. Hid in my closet (not to cry) but because I realized something

SOMETIMES, I just need my alone time AND I NEED TO JUST SLEEP

Someone once told me, God made sleep to give us a moment to stop thinking about the things we can and can’t fix (change).

Sleep is good, Peace is good, Working towards your goals even when the results are “unknown” is still good. Let’s try to stress less and sleep more 🙂

So let’s end May with some nice tunes and I hope that your June finds you with Peace, Tranquility, and a Fighting Spirit.




One more thing: Found a great post about how May 2017, is the most wonderful time of the year


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