Daily Reminder

Reminder: Peace relieves anxiety

That’s what I’ve been told, but how do I achieve peace when I’m anxious all the time? When I feel as if my fears will consume me or if I feel like trouble finds me, what do I do?  Well, someone told me that even when you’re struggling you’ve got to keep pushing through, specifically:

“No matter what circumstances you’re up against, continue making choices”

Which sounds so cliche and offputting at the same time, but I think they’re right, even though it’s hard, whatever circumstances you’re facing you have to continue living, making choices and trying. I think that’s what brings peace, just working hard and through your issues. Who knows, I’m just someone living through adversity and trying to make it through. I think I’ve posted this song before but I love the song and the message and I feel like it is the epitome of Peace relieves anxiety.

-Happy Tuesday


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