#4 Music For The Soul

Remakes and Acoustics

I love when other artist remake/cover classics when they turn another piece into their own. I enjoy comparing the two renditions especially when the artist adds their own twist to it.

Example: Nicki Minaj-Anaconda which is a “remake” of  Sir Mix  A Lot’s-Baby Got Back—she used a classic line, beat and made it her own, bringing a classic into the 21st century.

On this episode of Music For The Soul, we’ll look/listen at Honey

The Honey Trees-Moon River even though this is more of a cover than a remake, of an old classic, the artist adds their own twist, I like this rendition of the song because 1. Sounds like a lullable 2. The singers voices compliment one another 3. It’s acoustic, sounds intimate and raw & 4. the guitar mix with the artist voices makes it sound like a last goodbye, it gives off a sentimental feeling –which inherently makes the listener feel happy and sorrowful at the same time (I cried the first time I heard it). I think version works well because of the setting of the video, they seem to be in their living room so it adds to that one on one, intimate feel.

This version of the song is refreshing.

Tip: Listen to it while staring out the window with a cup of tea in hand 


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