These are in no particular order!

Leaving in April

  • Negativity
  • Self Doubt
  • My Wigs (I’m enjoying my natural hair, oh and wearing wraps)
  • Not leaving the house–that I have to work on but some days, I can’t leave the house and I feel as if my body and mind are too afraid to face the world
  • My lack of sleep, sleep is healthy, it allows you to have the energy to create and do all that fun stuff
  • Looking at my phone instead of having human contact

Taking into May

  • Writing Poetry, I’ve gotten great at expressing myself on paper
  • Having confidence in myself and my work
  • A new resume that I drafted
  • Laura Mvula’s music (she reminds me of Nina Simone, and I’ve posted her songs on more than one occasion on several of my blogs)
  • Body Positive mindset, I don’t need to fit anyone’s mold of what I should look like!
  • ASKING FOR HELP, I asked for help on many occasions and that’s more than I ever did before, asking for help seems hard but it’s a MUST
  • Writing childhood memories, it’s nice to see how far I’ve come
  • Listening to others, sometimes it’s nice just to listen and be there for other’s, whether you know them or not.

That’s all for know, let me know what you plan on leaving behind and taking with you!


Check out: Leaving Behind pt 1





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