Word Of The Month

I opened up my bible and there was a little piece of paper which read:

Peace is possible

The book I’m reading has the main character trying to make peace with herself and her family before she dies

and most of all, I woke up Friday morning just looking and asking for Peace. Hoping that my life and my mind is filled with peace even in chaotic times. So I’m guessing, May’s word of the month is PEACE.

Related image

If life has taught me anything, it’s that, everything comes in threes and Peace is three (that makes no sense) which means May is the month of Peace.

May you have peace in your heart in times of sorrow

May peace come to you when everything seems chaotic

May you find peace within yourself when self-doubt begins to threads its ugly head

And may, peace bring you happiness this May

  1. Hope for a new job
  2. Increase in giving and security
  3. Having the heart to help one another

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older but I just want to have some peace and help those around me, so this month, I’m going for Peace.

Sending Positive Vibes This May. I’ll end with a song that is both peaceful and deep.

Laura Mvula’s What The Weather Will Be



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