April Wrap Up

This April I decided to create small goals to accomplish and get me through the month, along the way I added, things I’d like to leave behind i.e NEGATIVITY! Let’s recap

April was the month of Confidence—I’d give myself a 75, I felt as if I lacked in some areas and excelled in others, sometimes I felt tested when I had to make life decisions Should I stay or go to school, ok, you’ve been accepted now where do you go. Am I really that smart or did they make a mistake?

So many things ran through my mind in April but I tried my best to stay positive and build up my CONFIDENCE LEVEL.

Small Goals of April 

  1. Write more: I’ll post four of my favorite and no, I did not send two to be published
  1. 2. Learn a new skill and be ACTIVE: Okay, I did walk outside and I decided to read more, BUT new skill I picked up is technical, trying to create infographic things–I’m still a working progress though 🙂 but I would like to pick up an outdoor skill for May.

3. Explore some side hustles: I did not explore per se(that has to do with my confidence moment in April) but I did add on my post about investing. I did ask for advice and I joined a Wednesday meeting/talk on how to invest and become better with your finance and it’s going great 

Image result for happy dance gif
4. Build some confidence: I think I fought with my inner self this month and I’m happy to say, I won, I push through, building confidence and having it is sometimes a daily battle and like everything else in this world, it takes time 🙂 So I’m not going to be hard on myself and neither should you!
5. Reorganize my room and revamp my closet —I did reorganize and I would take a picture but I personally feel like taking a pic ruins the mood of the calm level so enjoy this gif


Image result for beach gif

April had its challenges, advantages, and disadvantages, but that didn’t stop me from moving forward and accomplishing goals. I hope April treated you well, and here’s to hoping May does the same. 


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