Leaving Things(People) Behind pt1

As April begins to wind down, I’m starting to think of the things I accomplished, “failed but learned from”, attributes I want to continue, and things I’d like to leave behind.

In 2016, I left behind

  • Friends
  • Toxic Relationships
  • Some not so healthy food habits
  • The Length of my hair
  • My number
  • My ability to care too much about what other’s think of me
  • The idea of training for a marathon

I think, leaving things behind gets a bad wrap, but to me, I feel as if I’m taking burdens off my shoulder. Starting again is something we have to do to get to our next level. Something like that. What I’m saying is, it’s okay to rid yourself of relationships that aren’t healthy, remove things that are causing you pain, or may be damaging your health. Leaving things behind has more to do with you than the situation: It’s okay if you feel as if it’s too hard to let go of those things, but letting go, and moving forward allows you to feel some form of freedom rather than, keeping all of it in.



Happy Monday!



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