#3 Music For The Soul

*Took some time to recuperate but now I’m back”

Dance like music tells a story, and can express experiences of past moments. Music, like dance, takes so much energy and emotion; when placed together–it tells an unknown story, the individual is the storyteller, accompanied by music and dance.  So what kind of story are we telling today? In the third edition of MFTS, expresses when the soul meets the body, overcoming fears and moving forward even when everything’s stacked against you.

Take your broken wings and fly
When your head is hanging low, low, low
And the tears, they keep falling
Take your broken feet and run

I love the way the video is shot: With a black backdrop and accents of gold, the video introduces the artist (Laura Mvula) to me it looks like she’s waking up from her cocoon or trying to bloom like a flower. The dancers tell the story of an individual or individuals struggling but overcoming adversity. Something everyone can relate to, the lyrics are uplifting but not in a “you can do it” way,  more like, “you’ve been through this before, you can preserve.” The lyrics and Laura Mvula sultry but monotoned voice makes you feel as everything’s going to be alright. Because: We’ve been here before and we WILL overcome it all.

With the world up on your shoulders
Nowhere left to hide
Keep your head up, carry on


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