Small Goals For April

Last month, I tried to finesse everything in without making goals. The keyword is TRIED, I’m not saying I failed- I learned some things about myself, I learned my limits But this is not a post about finessing and learning new things. This is a Small Goals to Accomplish this April because I need some goals to get me through this month ( so far I haven’t followed my to-do list *sad face*)

Here are Five Small Goals I Will Accomplish

  1. Write more: I need to start doing this, whether it’s rewriting my resume who knows! This is the goal Writings: 14 new piece  & 2to be published. Link it on my final April post
  2. Learn a new skill and be ACTIVE: I’m not going to say I’m going to exercise more because let’s be real, I won’t but I promise to be more active outside and maybe pick up a new “physical activity”
    1. not hiking (I almost died, not lying I couldn’t breathe and almost fainted and then the mountain lion incident, I digress)
    2. NOT SWIMMING #IMTeamNaturalImage result for confident afro gifPut $20 or $30 aside every week-I need to start saving and investing so maybe by the end of the year, I’ll invest the money I saved into something. (I want this to become a habit)
    3. Explore some side hustles (saw this on another blogger’s April Goals)- If I want to start investing and saving money it’s great to pick up some side hustles, maybe work on some projects. If anyone has any ideas let me know
    4. Build some confidence: Since April is all about confidence, putting away self-loathing and actually encouraging myself to go the distance/remove self-doubt.
    5. Reorganize my room and revamp my closet —it’s a mess (clean room allows one to work well, in a calm and stable environment, something like that)

Okay, those are my small goals for April!

Tell me, what are some of the things you’d like to accomplish this April!




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