5 Happy Things

Sometimes we forget to stop and as cliche as it sounds, “smell the roses” I always have my head down, thinking, contemplating, never stopping to think of my surrounds, It’s just “work, work, work” bills, bills, bills, and my favourite “just trying to survive.” You begin to lose yourself and become exhausted in everything you do. Which is why I love searching for reminders and communities that remind me to breathe, to smell the roses, and to live. In one of the many communities I’m a part of, the have this self-care check in

1. Make sure you’re hydrated 

2. Did you breathe 

3. Are you taking your meds, and etc.  

The community leader gives us little reminders and tasks, last weeks: “List 5 to 7 things that make you happy. You would think it would be easy but sometimes we get lost in the things we’re doing that we forget. This was mine:

  1. My Family
  2. Ability To Breathe
  3. Watching Subbed Dramas
  4. Getting Rid of My Writers Block and I’ll add this one
  5. Having the ability to see (my eyes are not that great so I’m happy I’m still able to see)

 Now, I’ve written mine I challenge you to write one every day or when you have time and continue to look/remember it when life begins to “swallow you whole.”

Here’s a song to get you through the day


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