#2 Music For The Soul

Music can change your mood one minute you’re happy the next minute you’re crying, wondering where it all went wrong. Yes, music can affect our mood, but it can also expose our dirty little secrets. Whether we like to admit or not, the words and sometimes instruments of a song tell a story about our life that we wish would stay hidden. So what’s on the menu for our second post of MFTS? A song that exposes our fear of love and our need or is it, desperate thirst for intimacy.


Naughty ft Beyonce’s -Runnin is all about exposing our truths, the lies that we tell ourselves that we don’t need love or that it’s something so painful that we’d rather “hurt” often tricking ourselves to believe that we don’t want love or as a friend said”aren’t worthy of it” but still crave that sense of intimacy–wholeness. Not saying you need to be with someone to feel whole.

*Where else can I go? Where else can I go?
Chasin’ you, chasin’ you
Memories turn to dust
Please don’t bury us, I got you
I got you*

If I lose myself I lose it all

The lyrics are sorrowful and about longing for your other half, but it’s also about being afraid to lose oneself to another individual. Wanting to be close, but fearing loss of one’s identity. Both artists’ voices evoke so much emotion and I think that’s what makes the song work. It’s as if they are telling or retelling their own sorrowful past. The shots and movement of the video add depth to the story, both individuals are searching for another, but seem to run away from one another.


*Are there songs that come to mind when you think about our “Fear of Love, Need for Intimacy” also please send any recommendations or themes for the Music For The Soul series.


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