What Does Faith Mean?

February’s Word: Faith

This is what I learned about faith and what it means in my life *It may sound odd when you read my post but I assure you, my post makes sense*

The belief that everything will be alright even when I can’t see what’s in front of me.

Even when everything around me seems chaotic, nothing’s going as planned, and all the signs are pointing to an imaginary exit, it say’s,” give up, what you’re doing won’t work.” I smile and proclaim, “come what may!” In the end, everything will work out for the good of/in any situation. That’s what Faith is.

This month:

  1. I stopped to reevaluate my place on his earth
  2. Realized why I was meant to participate in Jury Duty
    1. To “cure” my fear of working with others
    2. Understand the healthcare system (my future in the healthcare system/what I want to focus on if/when I enroll)
  3. Embraced others i.e: emotionally, physically, and mentally
  4. I was able to believe, stay truthful, and have faith in myself.
  5. Of course, reminded myself what the word of the month was: I had faith that everything around me would work for its own good.

Even if I don’t explain all that happened this month, I feel as if you’d understand everything I’m saying OR maybe I’m talking in circles. 


Image result for faith is evidence
Hebrew 11:1



Now, what does Faith Mean To You?








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