Reminder: #Sleeping Is A Must

Self-care tip of your life: Remember to sleep and take naps. I know we live in a society that’s all work, work, work, or work hard, play hard and disregard sleep because why? You can sleep when you’re dead. In actuality, we need sleep, sleeping allows you to:

  1. Feel rested and when you sleep or take 30-minute naps you’re able to feel vibrant and comprehend your work
  2. Good for your health: Plays an important role in your physical and mental health and can heal and repair of your heart and blood vessels

Fact: Lack of sleep increases stress hormones in your body—That doesn’t sound good at all. #GetSomeSleep  *Turn off your devices and go to bed, get some rest*

Fact: According to Mayo Clinic—Adults need to 7 to 9 hours *they have a sleep chart* various depending on age and gender #GetSomeSleep  

What I’m trying to say is….please take care of yourself (even if you’re busy), remember to take breaks, stay hydrated, and get some sleep.

Funny Story: During grad school, we used to travel from place to place and sometimes, state to state anyways, after days without sleep I went back to work and fell asleep under my desk for FIVE MINUTES! All I remember is, my pen fell under my desk and then BAM, I was passed out.

Thanks for visiting my blog and remember to #GetSomeSleep

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