You’ve Been Chosen…Jury Duty Edition

I’ve been SUMMONED! Or I was summoned for like two weeks  *cries because it’s over* Every potential juror knows that there is a 50/50 chance that you’ll get picked and if you’re lucky *depending on your definition* the parties will reach an agreement before you get to the *again, depending on your definition and feeling* dreaded jury duty chair/deliberation.*

Me, I was lucky enough to have a case that has dragged on for 10 yrs, I won’t talk about the case because I just don’t want to, but what I will do is use gifs/memes to express my feelings throughout this lovely ordeal. Here are 7  lovely interpretation of my time as Juror #6

  1. When you first receive your summons 

Image result for no no no gif

While you’re trying to figure out your exit strategy, Public Enemy’s  ” fight the power” starts playing and you begin to think the world SPECIFICALLY, the MAN is out to get you. You also begin to think of ways to get out of this and wonder ” Why don’t I fit any of the exempt” categories. After some soul searching, you realize this is your fate but you still can’t accept it.

  • 2. It’s 8 am and you’re in a room full of potentials

*California Dreamin, is playing in your head*  The meme is self-explanatory

Image result for why am i here meme

 3. Being picked

Image result for no no no gif

while you’re looking for your exit, planning to jump out the window, wondering what you can say to stop the judge’s decision, and replaying everything you said in the courtroom, and when you find your exit *sigh* the bailiff looks at you and smiles and does one of these

Image result for no no no gif

What did I do to deserve this?!!! HAVE MERCY!!!

4. Telling your friends and family you’ve been picked 

Image result for evil laugh gif


And then a week passes and you feel dejected, but it’s okay because this is a once in a lifetime experience, realizing that you were meant to be here, and there’s food but deep down inside you feel so lost

Image result for dejected gif

5. When you actually start accepting your fate and listening to the case *being so absorbed in the case*

Image result for focused writing gif

You begin to realize your role and since someone’s company *depending on your case* fate is in your hand you don’t want to do a sloppy job. You stop complaining and start working. You’re here, make use of your time and learn everything you need to!

6.Your time is coming to an end

On the outside you’re  sad and yes, maybe you’re sad a little bit inside because you’ve spent almost two weeks with these people.

Image result for it's almost over sad gif

You laughed, you ate, and you spoke about your hopes and dreams, and of course the case. For a little while, they were like family, but let’s face it—-

DEEP DOWN you’re like

Image result for it's almost over meme

7. It’s over!

Image result for everyone run gif

After weeks of hearing and surveying evidence and probably more soul searching, you reach a decision. There is a verdict and then the judge says’s thank you all and you may now leave.

Image result for everyone run gif

But in all seriousness, being called to Jury Duty isn’t that bad. I met some cool people (sad that we won’t see each other again), learned about the Public Health System, got to experience rush hour in Downtown. I’m glad I experienced it but hopefully, they won’t call me anytime soon.



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