A Few Of My Favorites

Inspired by natalieslovelyblog‘s  Winter Arts Favorite Post

  1. Writing

A book that has been pulled, prodded, watered down, torn, just been through life, filled with the hopes and dreams of a college senior who wanted to know more about a culture and lifestyle that seemed so unfamiliar. Shanghai Baby by Wei Hui is that book for me. A semi-memoir and is about a writer named CoCo, who lives in Shanghai with her childlike boyfriend. Oh, she’s having an affair with a German businessman and she meets some interesting people on the way. What I enjoyed about the book was its willingness to be unapologetically human, sexually induced, “we need to talk about mental health,” the loneliness of people is a book with a  heroine who’s so filled with self-loathing that sometimes you forget you’re rooting for her to find happiness.

Three of my Favorite Moments:

[Coco took Tian Tian to rehab and then when he found out about the affair (via Madonna) he started doing drugs again.]

[When Tian Tian died and Coco had to reevaluate her life]

[Madonna’s back story as a survivor of sexual abuse and her transition as Madam]

        2.  Art-Käthe Kollwitz’ Pietà 

Image result for kathe kollwitz pieta

During my stint in Art History, I don’t know how I ended up in that class, but I don’t know how I ended up on that course, but I’m glad I did, I met an artist and an image that would change my view of life, motherhood, and activism. Kathe Kollwitz’s Pieta a tribute to her son Peter –was a sculpture of a mother mourning her dead son.   A mother fighting to protect her own flesh, to protect the children of the world. The sculpture  evokes different emotions and many view it in a religious symbol, it’s meant as a memorial, the loss during the Holocaust and WW2, when I look at it, I think: A mother’s love, word, and protection is more powerful than anything–it’s also a symbol of resistance in a world that wants to strip you of your happiness and the happiness of others.

        3.  Music

Image result for OneRepublic Oh My My

One Republic is back and with a vengeance! Their new album can be described in one-word Masterpiece every song has its own story, beat, genre, and allows its listener to feel as if they are part of this utopian, but realistic lifestyle and Ryan Tedder’s voice evokes so much emotion. Listening to these songs makes one feel as if everything is going to be alright.

My three favorites: Future Looks Good-a song that doesn’t disappoint with its upbeat lyrics and with a nostalgic feel. A.I ft Peter Gabriel-a song for everyone who wants love but fears intimacy and the out of this world instrumental drop (my words) just does something to me.  Last but not least, Kids- a song about reminiscing about the past and remembering to live for your present and cherish your future #lifelessons.  

5. Quotes To Live By

These quotes combine (in their own way) to resist, have faith, and believe in what we are doing.

“I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.” ― Audre Lorde

“O my body, make of me always a man who questions!”― Frantz Fanon

“Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.” ― Jim Morrison

Comment below your favorite, books, music, quotes, and etc



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