Word of the Month

Last month: Resilence was the word of the month. To be able to overcome obstacles and fight for your rights. To withstand the things that life throws at you.

This month? It’s more of a question than a word or maybe it’s both: I wrote a note to myself in the beginning of the month

A Daily Reminder:”What does Faith mean to you?¬†

I think I wrote it at church, for my church group, or maybe at some point, I began to question what Faith meant to me.

For the month of February, I’ve decided to explore what Faith means to me. Whether in a religious context, in humanity, or even faith in oneself. ¬†Choosing to have faith in everything I do, knowing that everything, no matter how harsh or daunting will be all right.

I hope you’ll join me in figuring out this question or even believing that the things you do will have a great impact on your future(for your good) and that, everything will turn out alright and have some Faith.¬†


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