Take A Pink Day


Well, not exactly, on Pink Day you: Spend time doing what you love by yourself and for yourself. Pink Day is a Me Day. A time to “rejuvenate” and get yourself back into shape (I don’t mean exercise, which you can if you want)

We all need time to ourselves.

 A friend told me, she locks herself in the bathroom for 30 minutes to get away from her husband and kids sometimes and it’s not because she doesn’t love them but she needs some time to herself. I think it’s a great idea: once a week and just focus on yourself, get rid of the noise, and just BE!!

I had a mini Pink Day with mom yesterday we both needed one. We (mainly I) drove around the city, found a spot by some fountains, ate French food (mom wasn’t a fan) and even though we went together, it was a literal me day–My mom ignored me.

After a while, I decided to let her be, a Pink Day is a day to relax, where you don’t have to answer anyone but yourself.  

Here is a small collage (spent time without my phone) of my Pink Day- sans my mom 😝. I ended my Pink Day the way I started, being relaxed and thinking of my myself.



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