Reoccurring Nightmare


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I voluntarily confine myself in a white space and when I try to escape the walls begin to close in and the roof caves as I reach the exit.

With bricks stacked around me, the pressure of the roof on my chest, I look to my left and I see my reflection, a reflection I do not recognize, a reflection that says “You are not worthy of the outside world” “ What you desire can only be obtained in these four walls, you are not meant for the outside because you are worthless”

Without a moment’s thought, find strength to lift the cement from my chest, break through the those stacked bricks, find my way to what seems like never ending stairs, everything stops but I find myself in front of a door

When I open it, I can feel the air, the sun, and I can breathe..I can breathe, with tears trickling down I take my first step but then some force pulls me back. I begin to resist, I use my strength to hold the rails, my fingers are bleeding and my tips begin to fall but I keep resisting. Thinking: SAY SOMETHING!

Gasping for air, screaming, but no one can hear or they aren’t listening. WHY WON’T ANYONE HELP ME?! The door shuts and everything begins to fade and I wake up.


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