#1 Music For The Soul

Did you know? Music soothes your soul, can heal all your ailments, and evoke so much emotion-anger, sorrow, contentment, and more.

It can decrease your blood pressure, so I’ve been told and can improve memory and your attention span!

Did you know:  Slow music, then, can produce an additional calming, immune- and mood-boosting effect by lowering cortisol levels and increasing hormones that improve the immune response and raise endorphin levels

Why is all this important and why does it matter? Well, if you haven’t noticed *maybe you haven’t* the world seems in chaos and you may be looking for some sort of escape. My recommendation: Play your favorite tunes and dance around as if everyone is watching.

I say, everyone because I want you to be able to share your joy or sorrow with others, talk it out or in this case, dance it out with other, don’t hold it in. In this time of chaos, calm yourself with some music that will make you rethink your situation and even save your life.

Here is my recommendation for the first #MusicForTheSoul Series because it’s Friday, the weather is soothing, and it’s has a nice beat.


What’s your favorite tune *for any occasion*


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