Lessons From Strangers

Took my sister to her appointment today and came out of the office with a new but old perspective on life.

While waiting for my sister to come out of her appointment I struck up a conversation with two older ladies who I thought were in their 60’s but are in their 80s, I say that because they told me their secret: They laugh, dance, and cry when they can. They’ve both been through a lot in life and at their age, all the can do is, laugh, dance, and cry (cry when they’re laughing so hard).

Finding out that they remember where they were when Kennedy was assassinated was interesting. One was watching TV and was on her honeymoon (she married her lover at 18) and another was eating a caesar salad in downtown Manhattan. Another lesson I learned–moments, good or bad will stick with you forever so be careful what you do and leave life with no regrets. Forget what everyone says and enjoy your life:

“look at us, I’m weird and she’s from Puerto Rico”

“Does that make me an Alien?”

“Anyways, you’re young, take a lot of pictures, enjoy the people around you and it’s okay if you have one friend because she’s my only friend”

“Haha. you’re mine too”

These and my favorite below–is what turned a visit to the doctor into a lesson on living life.

” Remember, when men grow old everything shrinks and disappears, even their penis”

I think when you get older, maybe depends on the individual but according to these ladies, when you become older you’re more open, speak your mind, and because time isn’t on your side you’ve got to live every day to the fullest.

Before my sister finished, the older of the two looked me square in the eye and said

“Don’t sweat the small stuff, don’t stress about every little thing because you’re only young once”

I needed that, with everything going on in my life and around the world I think I’ve lost a little piece of myself but hearing her say that gave me comfort–everything will be all right and that I shouldn’t sweat or stress about things that won’t matter in 20 years. I should choose my battles, let go of grudges, and just try and live every day to the fullest



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