Top 3 Things To “Accomplish” in 2017

New Years Resolutions are not for me, I think I made some in middle school (probably) and knowing who I was back then, I did not follow any of them. Exercise more? No! Become a better daughter? debateable. Go out and enjoy life? Haha, preteens don’t enjoy anything!

I’ve gotten into the habit of making “Every month I will accomplish” lists, which works–depending on my mood or the universe. But since 2016 was an…eventful? Yes, let’s just say, eventful year, I say, let’s try and make 2017 less eventful and dreadful, and more meaningful

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So here are 3 Things I’d Like To Accomplish and Hopefully, You’d Like To Too:


Getting rid of self-doubt!

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Someone once told me (probably my Pastor) that we don’t have control over our destiny and some other stuff but WE do have control over our minds and how we think.

Saying I want to get rid of self-doubt is easier said than done, I’m planning on trying–every time some form of fear creeps into your mind: pray, turn it into a positive, or draw something.  Keep your mind preoccupied with other things. I’m not a Doctor or a Counselor and this is just from experience but when I start doubting myself I turn that thought into a positive and sometimes I have to talk myself out of that self-doubt. I realized after so many years that self-doubt affects my health and I only have one life, one body–I need to cherish it not only for my family or anyone else but my sake.

Keeping myself busy and learning new skills

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Yep, it sounds like one of those unkept resolutions: Try something new! Keeping yourself busy, founding out what you like and dislike, what you’re good at, and even learning something new is a great thing! I read an article about Depression and building or keeping your hands busy when you feel depressed. It’s not about masking the issue or suppressing the issue and even curing depression. It’s just about working through whatever issue you may be going through and who knows while keeping busy and building a chair –you’ll get discovered and become a famous designer!

 My List

  • Take a College Algebra Class–Random I know, 1. I hate math 2. I’ve studied Humanities for the last 6 years and 3. I hate MATH  but taking a refresher or doing something I hate(I really despise math unless it deals with math) is part of life.
  • Learn how to play a sport or swim or ride a bike (never too late)
  • Write pitches and actually send them out (I wrote but feared rejection in 2016)
  • Speak to random strangers, in random places, and at random times.

Believe in yourself

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Believing you can do anything you put your mind to, that aligns with “removing self-doubt” remember to try, remember that you are doing the best you can. Just believing that you can do great things and you deserve the BEST, don’t let anyone tell you differently!.


That’s all for now, thank you for visiting my blog, comment below on your 2017 goals and HAPPY 2017!


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