Did Anyone Become What They Wanted To Be?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I remember being asked that question (on the daily). From age four to 18 I wanted to be a Journalist, Writer of all things great, and my stint as the next Marie Curie. But life happened and I ended entering school with the idea of being a lawyer -which did not happen. 

Yesterday night I decided to ask the same question on my forum/slack. I asked if anyone actually became what they wanted to be and if they did 1. That’s cool 2. Is it everything they imagined? I also asked if you didn’t do you regret it and/or are you still working towards it.

Some people had amazing dreams of being mad scientist or composers, novelist, and even a marine biologist. I think 4 out of the 10 that answered yesterday, are doing what they wanted but I haven’t read the new ones yet. What think is amazing is how the ones who aren’t working in that field said fear stopped them but also that they are still working towards it. I think that happens sometimes, life gets in the way and fear gets in the way. I think when we were younger, we had “less” fear or less to fear, we dreamed so big and had this confidence about us that no one could tell us, no but as time goes on fear creeps up, life creeps up, and you begin to limit your dream space.

The question becomes: what can (realistically) do when you become an adult? 

My Fav answer: I’m far away from what I wanted to be but that’s okay because I found something else that I love and I’m able to help so many people, so in a way, I’m accomplishing what I truly wanted to do-which was to help people.

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Let me know if you’re working in your childhood dream or if you found yourself in a completely different place/dream.


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