The Importance of Mental Health

Did you know?

July is……. Minority Mental Health Month? 

Each year millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental health condition.

Taking on the challenges of mental health conditions, health coverage and the stigma of mental illness requires all of us. In many communities, these problems are increased by less access to care, cultural stigma and lower quality care. via NAMI

There is is a group called Witness To Hunger that ”  is a groundbreaking movement featuring the experiences & photography of caregivers who know hunger & poverty first-hand.” via .

They are having a  -(click it) today, to talk about intersections of poverty & Mental health. If you can, join the conversation whether it’s to ask questions, share experiences, or just to open up a dialogue.

Remember: Mental Health/Self Care is important and don’t let anyone tell you different.



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