My Voice Changes Every day

I think it’s cool watching someone transition from a child to an adult especially when that person is yourself.

I’ve been reading some of my old post and writing as well as, looking at pictures and I’ve changed so much (I still look 12, but). I’ve gone from hiding behind my dad to speaking in front of hundreds of students, then back to working by myself, trying to pitch myself to others, and now figuring out my calling (or whatever that is)

So while, “trying to find” my place or voice, I’ve come to the conclusion that I get better and better every day. I wake up every day with an objective to create or finish something-whether I create or finish is a whole other story, but I try. I try and find new ways to evolve and enhance the person I am.  I also realized that my writing voice and the way I express myself seems to change depending on my situation and topic. This tells me that I am growing and that I shouldn’t dwell on my past mistakes and that I’m  becoming a better version of myself.  Being able to unapologetically express yourself is a gift and I’m glad that  I’m finally at that stage in my life*Proud* I guess my “voice” is a synonym for change and growth.

Anyways, I hope that you’re having a great Thursday or that something amazing will happen to you today and that you keep growing and all that cheesy stuff.

-Happy Thursday!


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