Feeling Nostalgic…..

I don’t know if it’s the weather or something in the water but, I’ve been feeling nostalgic, thinking about things of yesteryear, maybe it’s because someone reminded me that we graduated 8 years ago from high school or it’s seeing all my former classmates and friends having kids and buying houses. Either way, I’m feeling nostalgic about the fun and not so fun times I had. Que listening to all the horrible music I listened to back in the day; YOUTUBE IS A BLACK HOLE THAT WILL SUCK YOU DRY! Moving on: I came across a band that I absolutely loved System of A Down (I’m going to spell it even if it isn’t cool). 

I used to listen to their music like no ones’ business, but of course in secret. I liked keeping some things to myself and listening to them was one of them from, Hypnotize to Question I loved it all. But I think the one that resonated with me the most(probably with most HS kid’s) was Lonely Days, it was draggy and solemn. I felt as if every string, voice, note, and heck the video could feel my pain.

It explains the difference between being alone and being lonely, alone is basically external or physically you’re just by yourself but lonely is an internal feeling-that feeling is sometimes hard to break and I think my friends and I felt like that back in the day,but what makes me love the song even more, at the end they proclaim that, even though it’s the most loneliest day of their life, it’s a day that’ they’re glad they survived. Which makes it all worthwhile, like I’m struggling with the person I am, want to be, or will be but at the end of the day hopefully, you’re able to see all your hard work and dreams come true or just feel a sense of happiness that you  made it through another day on this earth.

Thank you for visiting and reading my feelings of nostalgia  and hears the video for your viewing pleasure. Let me know about some of your nostalgic moments.


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