Finals and Everything In Between

It’s the first Wednesday Music Review of May but I decided it was best to just share a song because it’s also finals week for many, so… Here is a song that I hope will motivate you and relax you at the same time. I haven’t taken finals in what seems like forever, but I do remember the stress, actually not only finals but life and projects sometimes just stress and overwhelm you. So what kind of music is best for that time?

I recommend smooth-indie-alternative with a hint of Edm chill sounds. This is why I think Mt.Wolf’s Hamburg is the best medicine for finals and any other projects that may be stressing you out. I first heard this song last year via Asian Drama MV and I fell in love with it because the singer’s voice is calming but strong and you kind of feel like you’re on cloud 9. I can’t really explain it, you just have to listen to it.

FYI- I posted two versions, the original one with mainly a male voice (which is so calming, like I’m going on an unknown journey but it’s going to be ok calming) and the Asian Drama MV with the woman lead singer (that one’s breathtaking and the visuals are amazing)



(Female vocals)


Let me know what calming music you play when you want to unwind!



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