Should I stay or Should I go?

Hello, Beautiful People 🙂 I hope your week is going well and that you are enjoying this lovely spring weather.

Today’s post is not really a post but a series of questions, so let’s begin

Is it so wrong to stay in your comfort zone rather than to take risks? 

Is it always necessary to take risks? 

Why aren’t we happy when we’ve gotten to a place in our lives that makes us feel normal (mundane)?

This is a question I shared on my femslack:

Random thought: Has anyone accepted a work position that you didn’t want or stayed at a job that you don’t like because you wanted/needed employment? It’s just a random thought (as you can see from my sentence structure

Answers ranged from, we live in capitalistic society to you stay because you’ve got bills to pay. My favorite was, You should always do what’s best for you.

Everything we do seems to be based on security, well maybe it’s a little bit of fear that you won’t make it (whatever it is) but I think we all want to feel some sort of security.

The real question is: Is it okay to take risks at the risk of losing some sort of security? And Is okay to stay because you fear losing it?

None of that sounds fun, so I’ll end this confusing post with this. Do what’s best for you whether it’s staying put or moving on. It’s really up to YOU. 

Thank you for stopping by and please leave your questions or answers in the comment section


-Happy Thursday!


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