Do I Make You Uncomfortable? Great!

I feel like the universe has decided to “push” me on my quest to start/do something new every day. From making me talk to new people or starting a new project I feel like the universe has decided to literally uproot me from my comfort zone and throw me into the unknown wilderness.

The Universe-Am I making you uncomfortable?

Me-Possibly, so could you stop?

The Universe-No! Hahaha

I feel like this is my conversation with the world everyday. And now, I’ve been tasked to find a journalist and interview that said journalist on why they love journalism and also network with people about a project and idea I hold dear to my heart.  Though I may groan and moan about being put in uncomfortable situations, I actually do enjoy it. I’m learning new things and becoming a stronger version of myself.


Happy Wednesday! Thank you for visiting my blog.

P.S: If you have any uncomfortable experiences, please let me know OR if you are a Journalist or know of one who would like to be interviewed, let me know.


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