Unfinished Work

I realized that I have so much unfinished work around me, from unfinished shoe design to literally pages of unfinished writings and personal statements. Whether on a piece of paper or in my drive, I have so many incomplete writing and I don’t even know when I started or why I stopped. 

Was I afraid to finish? Did I not care enough to complete my work? Or am I avoiding it for some unknown reason?

Have you ever felt like that? Like, you’re abandoning something because you fear the end result. I think that’s the reason I have so many unfinished work or words because, I am or was afraid that the results would not be in my favor. So, do I just delete/through away every unfinished product or should I restart it again?  (Maybe make a book of my incomplete work)

I think that is the question for the week. Do I restart or do I let go?

Thank you for visiting my blog and if you have an answer or an experience you would like to share please comment.



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