Give It A Try

So, I decided to start this campaign where I try something new every day. So far so good, yesterday, I tried to reread King Lear (I DON’T EVEN LIKE SHAKESPPEARE) and I started writing an article on the importance of sexual education-which is kind of an odd topic for me to write about, but I did it!

Today, I decided to tweet someone that I admire and I told her she inspires me-Got a nice response. Asked someone to help me start a platform about Sexual Education and I wrote a draft for a magazine.   The day is not over so…I’ll leave with this:

I hope when you read this, you’ll be motivated to try something new or try something that scares you (make sure it’s legal) and have fun this April. 2016 is almost over, so make it count.


Thank you for stopping by and let me know if you’ve tried something new today.#Giveitatry


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