Music Review- TBT

Welcome to another edition of Wednesday Music Review, I know it’s Thursday. I have a valid reason, this video is a tbt of my childhood. Remember the days when you used to dress up as the Spice Girls and sing  at the top of your lungs with your hairbrush?! Yep, me too.

So for this Wednesday on a Thursday Music Video Review- we take a stroll back to 199- when mini skirts were in, boy and girl bands were cool, and politics was not as intense (maybe?) as it is today. I give you: Spice Girls-Wannabe. This is a great song to play in the Spring and Summer. The setting is perfect, an evening at a bar/club in London, the colors are very dark, but the hint of brown red and green lighten up the video. I also love how all the girls are wearing clothes that showcase their own personality. It adds that friendship touch of, we love each other, but the same time we are our own persons.

The girls are having fun and it allows the camera angles makes you feel as if you’re part of the fun too.  Wannabe is very inviting-silly, but inviting. What I love most about the song is, it shows/tells us about the meaning of friendship.  Friends over Lovers; long lasting friendships are hard to come by so… if you want to be my lover, know that my friends and I are a package deal, so you’ve got to be good to me and my friends.

Thank you for visiting and happy last day of March.

P.S. Let me know what friendship centered songs you love to listen to and can someone tell me what a Ziggy zig ah is?



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