Be Fearless in anything you do


So…..I read this blog post on being fearless, Why You Need To Be Fearless To Get What You Want about taking chances in life. The go big or go home talk, we’ve all seen motivational quotes or heard motivation commercials, they get you so pumped up and  you feel all motivated and then at some point you start doubting yourself. Everyone at some point has been there. What I liked about the post is that they understand that you’re scared of change, but it tells you to keep pushing to become a fearless warrior.

There’s very little worse than the feeling of looking back and wishing you had been brave enough to face your fears. No one wants to live with the consequences of missing out

Everything in life is literally all or nothing, you’ve got to try even if you’re afraid, even if you fail you’ve got to keep trying. Don’t worry about what your neighbor is doing because he probably had to struggle and face his/her own fears to get to where they are.  I have those moments where I wonder how someone got to where they are, but then I remind myself that I have my own path to follow and I need to keep moving forward to get to where I want to be. This is my take away from the blog:

Often when we want something enough, we don’t hesitate to go after it. The problem comes when we aren’t too sure about what we want. In reality, a lot of the time we find inspiration in the most unlikely places, but we have to be completely fearless to reach those destinations.

Via Career Girl Daily

I hope this post helps you get through Wednesday and whatever you may be going through. Thank you for visiting and let me know your methods for staying Fearless



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