Friendship Break up

Last week,  I was a part of a twitter chat on friendship and one of the last questions asked:

Q4 Have you ever had a friendship breakup?

Friendship breakups happen:

This is an excerpt from a blog on Friendship Break up from Bloglovin via Little Winter:

There comes a time in your life, when you’ve grown up with friends and maybe you were put together because of family circles, or you buddied up at school because you played the same sport, or you took dance class together. You had the same interests when you were ten, and you liked doing the same thing. You liked the house they lived in, and enjoyed cycling together on the weekend. But as you get older, your views and interests change.
For Full Blog post:

The big elephant in the room-How to stop being friends with someone when you grow apart. I’ve thought about all my past relationships, friends and boys; I’ve come to the conclusion that, once I feel like I can’t be myself, be a better version of myself, OR if I feel like I’m with you out of obligation, then,,,,, We need to let each other go, I don’t want to be someone who stops you from growing and I also don’t want to be next to someone who does that to me. Breaking up is hard to do, but it’s better than the alternative-staying together and being friends with someone you’ve stopped wanting to be around.

-Hope you enjoyed my post and have a great Monday!


6 Replies to “Friendship Break up”

  1. Really glad someone has brought attention to this topic! Breaking up with anyone to make yourself happier is such a brave thing to do but with friends, we are rarely brave enough to let them go. Thanks for sharing 🙂 x

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  2. Cool. ! as opposed I am towards breaking up, I have posted about breaking up with someone when the need arises. When something swallows you n evaporates you, you must break free such things. It is too subjective to be captured in a single comment or post.

    Liked you post !
    Happy week ahead.

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