Pep Talks

Was there a point in your life where you had to force yourself to do something that made you scared?

I have! Actually, I think I’ve had to “force” myself to to actually do a task, join a group, or even apply for a job because I was scared of the outcome. It’s like, I’m afraid of the outcome so I’d rather not even try. Here comes the Pep Talk. When I feel that way-I give myself a pep talk OR an: IF YOU DON’T DO THIS, YOU’LL NEVER AMOUNT TO ANYTHING AND YOU’LL BE LABELED A LAME PERSON talk.

Anyways, as I get older (that sounds pompous) I realize that having Pep Talks have allowed me to experience new, but scary situations? I’ve been able to experience so much in my 26 of living, from-Hiking, Water Rafting (I can’t swim, so I had to really talk myself into that), not going to Law school, telling people how I feel, ending friendships, and even applying for jobs.

Pep talks-Whether you’re giving it to yourself, your friends, or you’re on the receiving end-make the world go round. Pep Talks are good-they help us face our fears and hopefully, it turns out well, but if it doesn’t just take it as a learning experience.

Thank you and Happy Tuesday!


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