Decluttered Life

Do you ever feel like your life is cramped and you’re suffocating and every exit around you is blocked? No? Maybe it’s just me.  This year I decided to just do more and be more, but I’m starting to feel suffocated. I look fine on the outside and I’ve been told that I look so put together, but inside I don’t know how to explain it.

Last night I had an odd dream- My sister was shoving all the blankets into a broken washer that was overflowing with water, the house was a mess with unfinished boxes and books everywhere, and then a man name Ignacio came in and added more clutter and my mom was looking for transparent tap. The whole dream was a mess, but also looked clean. Before I woke up from this dream Ignacio and my mom were talking about how he and father could take some of these things off our hands if we needed to. Now, in Ghana, if someone is touching or trying to take something of yours in a dream, it’s a bad sign (they want to take your destiny).

So what does this have to do with decluttering my life or your life? The dream is telling me that I am taking on too much. It’s not saying that I can’t handle it, but it’s okay for me to do all these things, but they don’t have to be all at once. I need to take a breather and do things one at a time. I think I’ve gotten used to doing things on my own that sometimes I put pressure on myself. Not to say that I can’t work with people, but I’ve worked in teams, but I’ve also been responsible for people or I’ve been able to work  independently with or without an adviser. The dream is basically saying: Even though I have all these responsibilities that, it’s okay to ask for help and also, you have time to work on everything-relax there’s literally 24 hrs in a day if you don’t finish it today, you have tomorrow.


-Happy Thursday!



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