Reflection Wednesday

So…today I decided to go outside and enjoy the cold, but fresh air. I decided to go to this beautiful park in Houston and attempt to run, reflect, and brainstorm some ideas. The running part did not go well, but the reflection and brainstorming did!

I came up with ideas for potential article topics that I want to turn into *afraid to say* Quirky Daily, Femsplain, and Bustle. But I won’t reveal them. Anyways, REFLECTION, while attempting to run, I decided to take a break and enjoy the scenery and I realized that I don’t do that very often. Sometimes I become so wrapped up in everyday life that I forget to look around and enjoy the world around me. I decided to stop running and just enjoy what the world had to offer. Too much has happened over the years, good/bad, sometimes we get caught up in our circumstances that we forget to sit back, take a break, and breathe.

So on this Wednesday, I hope everyone is doing well. My wish: for you to make it through whatever your situation may be and always remember to relax and take a breather.

*P.S. : I took pictures at the park, but I can’t find my camera so instead-I leave you with the sounds of Metric-Collect Call. Because everyone needs a soundtrack to their life (super cheesy)



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