Endless Possibilities……

Happy Monday Everyone!!


It’s Monday and I already feel super busy-which is amazing because I love being busy and accomplishing things.  Anyways, last Friday I decided to post on the femsplain forum/slack *sponsored by: Femsplain* an amazing magazine and helpful tool for women from around the globe* that I wanted to start freelancing- copy editing, writing, maybe proofreading and I asked my forum people if they had any knowledge/background on how to do that.

The answer: YES! One person told me to follow organizations and people that I want to work for and write for, another introduced me to websites where I can submit free-lancy (is that a word?)  and then….. Two members told me that they write for two different magazine one Hyphen (hyphenmagazine.com) a magazine that focuses on Asian American and their lifestyle in the States/Social Justice movements. She had great insight and even asked me to send her some of my stuff (which is in my old laptop that fried), but I’m just going to restart and that means writing every day. The next member told me that she has written for Bustle-an amazing magazine for the 21st century woman.  She also sent me some que’s on how to write and how to submit drafts. Super helpful!

January is filled with endless possibilities, I am going to grab a hold of all these opportunities and it’s really nice that I have people around me who are experienced and can give me some advice on this thing called, life!

I hope your Monday is going great and, may your week be filled with Endless possibilities and opportunities (too much?)




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