January-Taking Chances


I’ve decided or was it God and the universe? Probably the latter…Anyways, it’s been decided that this January is my taking chances month. It all started last week when I joined a Femsplains twitter chat; if you don’t know what Femsplain is, well, it’s “A community of personal contributed stories.” Its a woman run organization/magazine/blogger paradise/advice giving/bad a**  website https://femsplain.com/.  So, I joined their twitter chat where we talked about the meaning behind new year resolutions, I got to give advice on something called femslack char and I feel like I’m a whole new person.

What does this have to do with taking chances? Well, after that, I decided to apply for some amazing organizations, look up volunteer opportunities, WRITE ABOUT A DISNEY CHARACTER, apply for school AGAIN-I decided just to start doing things that I would probably not do. Apply for a writing internship. So basically, last week I looked FEAR in the face a smile (even though I was nervous)  This January I have decided to do things that would probably be afraid of. Because the least I could do is try. What’s the worst that could happen? I could fail and so what? At least I can say that I took a chance and did something I thought I could never do.


10 minutes ago, I joined a blogger, twitter chat called #TheGirlGang and it’s going pretty well.  I think.


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