Chasing Pavements

This  post is dedicated to Adele, not really, but her 09 hit Chasing Pavement has been stuck in my head since last Friday.

“Should I give up or just keep chasing pavements; even if it leads nowhere?”


That line literally describes my life, actually, I think that the verse describes my whole generation. Should we give up our dream (whatever that may be) and go the route everyone thinks we should go or should we follow our dream even if it leads to some dead end (but at least you can say you tried)  Oh well, you’ll never know until you try.

Now I am asking myself the same question Adele probably asked herself while working on/ trying to become an artist. Should I give up and follow what everyone wants me to do or should I just follow my dream-my hope even if I fail.  From working pro bono to freelance editing, I’ve been doing what I love, but…… I still feel stagnate like, I’m trying to move forward but I can’t. So… do I do back to school? I’m not afraid of failing, failing and struggling for the things you want is always hard, but what scares me if that ACTUALLY., I don’t know what scares me.  Maybe being stuck scares me. Who knows. What I do know is that I should at least give myself a chance, whether I fail or succeed is up to God.

keep-tryingSo, should I give up? No! Should I just keep Chasing Pavements?  Yes, but just in case I should come up with a Plan B 🙂


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