Temporary Dreams


The Holidays are over 😦 and now we can all return back to our normal lives (which isn’t a bad thing). Holiday’s are fun, you get to spend time with your family (hopefully) and have time off (hopefully). It’s a time for celebration, the season is changing and hopefully things you hope for during the beginning of the year have morphed into reality.


That leads me to my blog, TEMPORARY DREAMS- Dreams are beautiful, they are wonderful and they allow you to imagine how things could be, should be, or will be. I don’t even know what I am talking about. Anyways, temporary dreams-so, this week I hung out with my sisters and we got on the topic of  future goals and how almost everything they placed on their dream board has come true. Which is amazing! Having your wish come true and they asked me if anything from my board has morphed (new favorite word) into reality. No!!! My dream board is really beautiful, I took time and effort, but it makes no sense other than showing my amazing fashion sense, it doesn’t really have any of my hopes and dreams on there. Maybe when I made it, I really didn’t put any effort in my dreams or thought my situation would be different. (NOW I AM RAMBLING-just like the pics on my board).


So what do I do? Do I rip off my board and make a completely new dream board? NO! I just add on. Dreams are just that, dreams, it’s up to you to make them into reality. Everything on my board is temporary, I don’t need to remove it, I just need to add on to it, add new goals, new hopes, and then work to make them into reality.


NEW DIY- Make my “temporary” dreams come true.



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