Putting Everything Into Perspective

So today I saw this quote somewhere (don’t know where, but somewhere) and it went something like this, “Have gratitude, be grateful for everything, even your tragedies and struggles.” Be grateful for your struggles and tragedies? Seriously, I thought that person must have just lived some kind of amazing life. And then I thought about my life.

(QUIETLY PONDERS). All the experiences that I have been through, good and bad made me the person I am today.  Whether it was graduating early, presenting in front of a group of amazing professionals, being rejected, having someone close to me almost die, and even almost driving into a ditch (YES). All of those experiences have shaped my life, it shaped my character, and hopefully, it’s made me a better person.

Graduating Early with two degrees made me feel as if I could take the world on, make a difference-most of all, it  helped me face my fear of failing. The same with being rejected-  I grew tougher skin.

Having someone close to me almost die caused me to reevaluate my purpose in life and it also taught me that life is too short and I shouldn’t just spend it working, but spend it with the ones I love and to do what I love. Almost driving into a ditch—I learned that, I need to keep my eyes on the road (I BLAME THE GPS) and that in life, I should create my own path and just go for it.

I guess having gratitude and being grateful for what I have and who I am is what that quote is saying.


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