My Torrid Relationship with Pictures

First of all… That title sounds like one of those movie titles from the 90’s. I digress! So, I got a notice from my about. me page basically telling me to get my act together and show myself to the world. Thanks, you are the real MVP. Anyways, so I am checking out all these amazing about me pages and I decided that I am going to take their advice and spruce up my page.


So, I want to start by putting a big picture of myself on the front page because it screams look at me! And this where I’ve hit a….roadblock? Conundrum? I literally have no pictures of myself by myself, and if the odd chance that I do, I either have sunglasses or I am turning to my back.

Exhibit A

Me With Sunglasses

Exhibit B


I realized in that moment that I have always hated pictures (not taking other people pics) just absolutely hated taking pictures. I have a love/hate relationship with pictures where I want to be in them, but only if I don’t have to truly smile. Maybe it started from my childhood? NO!

I think it’s probably because I’m the kind of person who wants to savor a moment, keeping it etched in my memory without any trace of physical evidence. Does that make sense? As much as I love having this keepsake (pictures) I also hate it because I feel as if it takes the significance of the moment away? I don’t really know how to explain it.

So, how do I show the world who I am without any concrete evidence(pictures) maybe through words or probably  photoshoping my friend off of the picture and uploading it to about. me. I might go with the latter.


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