Words to Live By

So, August is almost over and I feel so drained. I feel as if I haven’t applied to enough jobs, spoken to enough people, laughed enough, or slept enough. I don’t understand why and I feel as if I am just too tired to figure out why. Why? Why? Oh, and Why? But that really doesn’t matter 🙂 as you know I am not a person who can stay sad or depressed I Joycelyn, love looking at the bright side! 🙂 So I woke up today tired, started filling out more applications and then a looked up *que intriguing music and suspenseful sirens* and there on  the wall———– I saw a beautiful quote.

” The end is simply the beginning of an even longer story.”

-Zadie Smith

Attached to this quote was a weird sticky note that I drew of a Goodbye sad face————-Inbetweener——Hello happy face drawing. I guess when I posted this quote and note I felt as if everything around me was falling apart. Just like now, the note is telling me not give up and even if I feel as if everything is crashing down, it’s just  means, it’s the beginning of something grand and new.  After having this amazing vision, I went on YouTube and low and behold a group called Dear Cloud (SK rock band) who made an OST for an underrated South Korean drama called I Remember You (you should watch) ANYWAYS! Their  lead singer has a song called Beginning of an End which basically has the same message and I played it and here I am happier and ready once again to face the world.

I hope the person or persons who reads this can feel motivated and I hope you know that you should never give up and even though it’s hard now, things will get better.



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