My Life has Two Pockets

I’ve been busy since my last post, from travelling with my sisters, having job interviews, and even going to a Career Fair. Good things as well as not so good things have happened, but I’m still optimistic. So, I was watching the only Kdrama that everyone who loves Kdramas should be watching called Mask.

The drama is all about identity, life, love, deceit, and everything in between, but what makes me love this drama are all the life lessons I am learning from it. The drama used a quote from Rabbi Simcha Bunim of of Perschica who is this great man that I have never heard of but this saying or quote made me feel as if I wasn’t alone that I should keep going and never give up basically, HOPE. The main guy in the drama finds out that basically his whole life has been a lie and his family been drugging him and his memories are all made up. The guy just looks so lost, but the main girl who is amazing tells him about this quote called Two Pockets and that quote’s so deep on many levels and it just puts life into prospective.

Every person should have two pockets.  In one pocket should be a piece of paper saying:  “I am but dust and ashes” (Genesis 18:27).  In the other pocket should be a piece of paper saying:  “For my sake was the world created” (Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:5).

My right pocket tells me to stay strong and that the world was created for my sake and that anything is possible

My left pocket plain and simple, tells me to HUMBLE MYSELF!

So every time you feel down reach into your right pocket and remember the world was created for you, but when you’re “feeling” yourself, remember that you are but a dust in the wind and you must always humble yourself.


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