Updated, DIY (Kind of)

On my path to DIY self discovery I’ve hit some road bumps like, not finishing my Dream board which is staring at me while I write this post. The painting is also not going so well because, well, I’ve been job hunting ūüė¶ and my….. dare I say it?!!!!!Training for said Lupus marathon is not going so well and not for the lack of trying¬†(well, maybe). My training now consists of me 1. Running up and down the stairs to get water and food, 2. Running to the mailbox which is like 40 steps from my house. And 3. Running to and from the restroom when my Kdrama has a commercial. But if you add all that together-I say I am doing pretty well. So what am I posting today? Well, seeing that my DIY projects are going so well (LOL) I decided to add creating a a story for my little nephews and this is the first part so, without further¬†adieu TADA (not finished just a sample)

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