So I was Summer/Spring cleaning today, just going through all my high school and college stuff and watching Sailor Moon on Hulu (BEST SHOW EVER) when I stumbled upon my old work shirt. I used to call it my Sailor Moon shirt and not because it has Sailor Moon or even a moon, I but felt like a superhero/human every time I wore it.


This is my Islander Cultural Alliance T-shirt, I did so much in that shirt

1. I became the VP of Recruitment and Retention for largest cultural organizations at Texas A&M Corpus Christi

2. I met our University President in this shirt

3. Went to amazing and diverse organizational meetings and retreats

4. Learned how to speak in front of hundreds of students and community members

5. Had my first panic attack (I think it was) in this shirt because I had to plan a large scale event and  it was my first time.

6. But my favorite one is: Like Sailor Moon, I learned to ask my friends and team members for help.

I have a lot of memories in this shirt, I learned how to paint, build relationships, and ask for help. Most importantly, I learned how to be a better and stronger Joycelyn Ghansah.

I hope during my next adventure in life I get to wear another Sailor Moon shirt and I hope to grow and become a better me.


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