I woke up today like every other day staring at my ceiling. (I heard sleeping on your back is good for your health). But unlike every other day, I imagined a helicopter hovering over my roof, the roof being peeled off like a tuna can, a guy in the helicopter, throwing down a rope and telling me to hold on tight because he is taking me to my new life of working, having fun, and creating adventures.

This tells me that 1. I need to get out more and 2. I really need to start working again.

I feel like I have these two amazing degrees, all these social and community development skills, and this strong aptitude for life and I am not using any of it.

My Dream?

To work in a  company as a social responsible manager/director or be a coordinator for a nonprofit but so far…. I’ve just been stuck. But I am not giving up hope. I am working on my Dream board which is just a black poster board BUT!! Like my future, it’s just waiting for me to fill it with amazing things!!


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